David Biespiel

David Biespiel is an American writer who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, raised in Houston, Texas, and educated at Boston University, University of Maryland, and Stanford University. He is the founder of the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters in Portland, Oregon, an independent literary studio.

In her interview with David Biespiel for NPRs State of Wonder, April Baer noted the subjects of Biespiels new book of poetry, Charming Gardeners, are friends of his from every corner of the U.S., including his wife and son, writers like Christian Wiman, and intellectual adversaries like William F. Buckley and Cesar Conda. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas, you can hear just a ghost of a drawl when Biespiel speaks. But when he reads his poetry, that ghost takes form, both in Biespiels accent and in his invocations of places like Confederate battlefields and West Virginian cemeteries.

Source: Wikipedia