David Hemmings

David Edward Leslie Hemmings was an English film, theatre, and television actor, as well as a film and television director and producer. He and his manager created the Hemdale Film Corporation in 1967.

David Hemmings was born in Guildford, Surrey, to a biscuit salesman father. His education at Alleyns School, Glyn Grammar School in Ewell, and the Arts Educational School, led him to start his career performing as a boy soprano in several works by the composer Benjamin Britten, who formed a close friendship with him at this time. Most notably, Hemmings created the role of Miles in Brittens chamber opera Turn of the Screw . His intimate, yet innocent, relationship with Britten is described in John Bridcuts book Brittens Children . Although many commentators identified Brittens relationship with Hemmings as based on an infatuation, throughout his life, Hemmings maintained categorically that Brittens conduct with him was beyond reproach at all times. Hemmings had earlier played the title role in Brittens The Little Sweep , which was part of Brittens Lets Make An Opera! childrens production.

Source: Wikipedia