Daydream (1981 film)

Daydream , Hakujitsumu? 1981 is a Japanese film. A remake by director Tetsuji Takechi of his groundbreaking 1964 pink film of the same title, this film is considered the first hardcore theatrical release in Japan.

Noticing Kyko Aizome in one of her nude photo magazine appearances, Takechi chose the then unknown actress to star in the film. After the films release, Aizome added to the controversy by admitting to having performed actual sexual intercourse on camera. Though, as Japanese law required, sexual organs and pubic hair were fogged on screen, the Asahi Shimbun called it a breakthrough film as Japans first hardcore pornographic movie, and Aizome received national notoriety from starring in the film, thereby becoming Japans first hardcore pornographic star. Her name became a sellingpoint for future films such as Kyko Aizomes Somber Reminiscence 1983.

Source: Wikipedia