Dead Man on Campus

Dead Man on Campus is a 1998 dark comedy film starring MarkPaul Gosselaar and Tom Everett Scott. It centers on the urban legend that a student gets straight As if his or her roommate commits suicide see pass by catastrophe. Two friends attempt to find a depressed roommate in order to push him over the edge and receive As. To boost ticket sales in the theater, the films US release was timed with the start of the new college school year in late August 1998. It is the first film by MTV Films to have an R rating. The film was shot at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The Curve, also known as Dead Mans Curve, which came out in the same year, uses a similar plotline.

Meanwhile, Coopers father finally realizes Cooper is not trying to pass his course at all and threatens to pull his funding if he does not get a passing grade this semester, leaving him in a similar position. They find out about an obscure academic rule that states that if a students roommate commits suicide then the roommates get perfect grades for that semester, regardless of any previous academic standing. They set out to find roommates who are likely to commit suicide their first potential roommate, Cliff OMalley Lochlyn Munro, is more likely to get himself and any one with him killed than commit suicide. They soon realize that he will likely get them killed or arrested and jump out of his moving car when he is being chased by the police.Next they try Buckley Schrank Randy Pearlstein, a computer geek who thinks Bill Gates wants his brain. After they move Buckley in, they try to help push him over the edge. First, Cooper poses as a suicide hotline volunteer, and when Buckley calls, he tells him that he is Bill Gates and wants his brain. Then, Cooper buys equipment that may assist in a suicide rope, daggers, prescription drugs and as he and Josh are trying to plant the items around the dorm room, Buckley discovers the pair hiding from him with a noose and knife in hand. Buckley, who thinks that theyre trying to kill him, and that the conspiracy to kill him and steal his brain is real, runs away. ........

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