Death Wish V: The Face of Death

Death Wish V The Face of Death is a 1994 action crime film and the fifth and final installment in the Death Wish series. It features Charles Bronson, who reprises his role as Paul Kersey in his final theatrical starring role. In the film, Kersey battles mobsters as he tries to protect his girlfriend played by LesleyAnne Down from her exhusband, mob boss Tommy OShea Michael Parks.

Paul Kersey Charles Bronson returns to New York City under the name Paul Stewart. He is invited by girlfriend Olivia Regent LesleyAnne Down to a fashion show. Backstage, mobster Tommy OShea Michael Parks and his goons muscle in on the action. Tommy then threatens Olivia, who is his exwife and mother to their daughter Chelsea Erica Lancaster.Olivia later informs Paul of her exhusbands behaviour after he finds bruises on her hand. Paul proceeds to confront him, but Tommy points a gun at Pauls face. The confrontation ends with the arrival of Chelsea. ........

Source: Wikipedia