Deep in the Valley

Deep in the Valley Also Known As American Hot Babes in the UK is a 2009 romantic comedy written and directed by Christian Forte, son of 1950s and 1960s teen icon Fabian.

That night, the two friends have a beer when a delivery comes in the form of a vintage porn viewer machine which plays the films of Diamond Jim Christopher McDonald. They step inside and it transports them to a land where everyone acts like they are in a pornographic film. The police arrest them, led by Rod Cannon Scott Caan but they escape and are hidden from the police by Bambi Cummings Rachel Specter at her sorority house, TriPi.They elude the police while Bambi and Carl fall in love with each other. Eventually, they go to Diamond Jims pool party where Carl decides to get transported home and Lester decides to stay. It is revealed that Lester is Diamond Jims son. Back home, Carl breaks up with his overbearing girlfriend and Bambi is transported to him, reuniting them. Meanwhile, Lester takes over his fathers porno empire. ........

Source: Wikipedia