Deewana Main Deewana

Deewana Main Deewana is a 2013 Bollywood romantic comedy film starring Govinda, Priyanka Chopra, Kader Khan, Prem Chopra, Johnny Lever and Shakti Kapoor directed by K. C. Bokadia. The film was released worldwide on February 1, 2013. This film was shot approximately ten years ago. The film is a Hindi remake of Tamil film Priyamudan directed by Vincent Selva.

At the movies, Basant as Vasnant goes with Priya but he sees the real Vasant his real friend talking to Priya. He oversees the conversation, gets angry and drops his ice creams. He says that hes not in the mood to watch the movie so they leave. Priya meets the guys at their home Vasants. Prakash calls Basant who is Vasant to Priya the boys find out Basant never told them about his girlfriend. One day Priya wants Basant who is Vasant to her to meet Ajit Singh, her father Prem Chopra but he lies and says hes father is ill. The reason is because, when Ajit was pleading to save his daughter, Vasant shows up and says hell be indebted to him. Basant realizes he saw Vasant so when the father sees him he will know it is not the guy who donated blood. At the airport, Priya and Ajit are waiting for the flight but secretly Basnat sees them. He purposely procrastinates to delay time and rejects her calls. But when Ajit leaves Basant acts as if he reached late. Outside a guy pushes Priya, Basant starts to beat him. Another day Basant calls Priya but he doesnt speak. He overhears Priya is going shopping. Basant calls after that and her father picks up. He says that hes in Hotel Heritage Room no. 448. But he return to Priyas house only to pretend if Uncle is there. But then a cop shows up and proclaims that Ajit is dead. Priya is heartbroken. Sharad Kuamr Sharat Saxena investigates the case. He says Ajit was murdered. Sharad immediately knows that Basant is the killer. This leads to the place where Ajit died. Meanwhile Vasant shows up at Priyas house the real one and wants to meet Priya to say thank you. Basant goes to the hospital and tears the page with Priyas name on it. Vasnat sees this and they start arguing. Both go to some rocky terrain to talk. Vasant realizes that Basant used his alias to win Priyas love. Basant gets angry and slaps Vasant. He loses his footing but Basant catches him. But he loses his hand and Vasant cascades to his doom. At the house of Basant Sharad ar

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