Dhaam Dhoom

Dhaam Dhoom is a 2008 Tamil romantic thriller film, based on the 1997 American drama Red Corner. written, cinematography and directed by Jeeva shortly before his death and produced by Sunanda Murali Manohar, its stars Jayam Ravi, Kangana Ranaut and Lakshmi Rai in the lead roles. Jayaram, Anu Hasan and Srinath played pivotal roles in the film.

Gautham Subramaniam Jayam Ravi is a doctor from an Indian family who lives in Chennai. Since his father Nizhagal Ravi and mother are doctors, he wanted to become a doctor. Gautham gets an opportunity from the Government of India to go to Russia to represent India in a week long medical conference, along with five other young doctors. Gautham is delighted to receive this offer and packs his bags to fly to Russia. Meanwhile, his beloved is introduced on the frame which happens to be Shenba Kangana Ranaut. She happens to be the same village girl in which Gauthams sister Sarasu, Anu Haasan resides with her husband Chetan and so they two meet and fall in love. Despite initial frictions between her father and uncle Mahadevan and Bose Venkat with Gautham, they eventually agree to get the pair married. Gauthams parents agree to the marriage and as a happy man Gautham is ready to marry Shenba after his return to India from his Russia trip.Finally, the journey to Russia happens and Gautham reaches Moscow and completes his immigration procedures. Incidentally, Gautham meets Anna Maria Kojernikova and unknowingly the lady drops her jacket which is seen by Gautham. He has no time to return the jacket and exits from the Moscow airport accompanied by his medical team. Gautham is flabbergasted by the roads and buildings of the city and is surprised to see the city of Moscow from his hotel view. Gautham learns that the only hiccup with Russians is that the people are ignorant about the English language and the whole conversation with them must be made in Russian national language. ........

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