Diana Haddad

Diana Haddad is a Lebanese singer and television personality who also holds an Emirati citizenship and is based in the United Arab Emirates. Haddad is one of the most popular Arabic pop musicians in the Arab World and has been so since the mid1990s. Her debut album Saken was one of the best selling albums of 1996, being certified platinum by Haddads label Stallions Records. The album also introduced Haddad and her Bedouin music style to the public.

Haddad was born to a Maronite Christian father Joseph Haddad and a Muslim mother Mouna Haddad in a small village called Bsalim in Lebanon. Due to the Lebanese Civil War which took place in 1975, one year prior to her birth, and lasted for over fifteen years, Haddad spent her early years in the more stable Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Her parents moved to Kuwait in the 1970s where she got her education at the national school in Fahaheel District. In 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, which forced Haddads family to move back to Lebanon. During this period, Haddad lived between Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates where she met her Emariti husband Suhail AlAbdul. Haddad was raised in her father religion along with her four siblings, Lolita, Danny, Fadi, and Sameer. In terms of age, Haddad ranks third. As a child, Haddad was known to be a tomboy in her family. She was also obsessed with chocolate that her grandparent would hide chocolate bars from her. Haddads musical talent was discove

Source: Wikipedia