Dil Hai Tumhaara

Dil Hai Tumhaara Hindi , Heart Is Yours is a 2002 Bollywood romantic comedy and family film starring Arjun Rampal, Preity Zinta, Mahima Chaudhry, Jimmy Shergill, Rekha and Alok Nath. The film performed poorly at the Indian box office, however Zintas performance was praised by critics and earned her nominations at a number of award ceremonies. The music of the film, composed by NadeemShravan, went on to do well on the charts.

Although Sarita adopted Shalu, she cannot forget the truth of Shalus hidden parentage, and so gives her none of the love she shows to her real daughter, Nimmi. Shalu, on the other hand, loves Saritaji, whom she believes is her real mother. She constantly craves her mothers affection but does not get it, so she retaliates by being rebellious, thinking it is the only way to get her mothers attention. Unlike their mother, Nimmi loves Shalu very much and constantly stands up for her, though she refuses to think illwill of Saritaji.Eventually a young man named Dev Khanna Arjun Rampal enters the sisters lives. Dev and Shalu initially do not get along but eventually fall in love. However, circumstances make Nimmi believe that Dev is in love with her, not Shalu. Saritaji, only aware of Nimmis side of the story, offers a marriage proposal to Devs father Alok Nath on Nimmis behalf. When Saritaji sees Dev and Shalu being affectionate, she jumps to the conclusion that Shalu has stolen Dev from Nimmi, just as Shalus mother stole Saritajis husband from her. Saritaji confronts Shalu in anger and reveals her true heritage in front of Nimmi. ........

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