Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops%E2%80%94Winged Angels

Doraemon Nobita and the New Steel Troops Winged Angels , Eiga Doraemon Shin Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan Habatake Tenshi Tachi? is an anime science fiction film based on the Doraemon franchise that was released in Japan on March 5, 2011, in both IMAX 3D and conventional 2D formats. It is a remake of the 1986 Doraemon movie, Doraemon Nobita and the Steel Troops, and is the first Doraemon film ever to be released in 3D. This movie was ranked 7th highest grossing animated movie of Japan.

Using a brain wave controller that Doraemon pulls out of his pocket, Nobita has the robot perform gymnastic maneuvers in a mirror world before bringing Shizuka Minamoto to join the fun. The trio enjoy but later however, Shizuka accidentally presses a button on the control panel that makes the robot fire a huge laser beam that destroys a whole skyscraper. The group realizes just how dangerous Zanda Claus really is, and they decide to return to the real world and forget about ever having found the robot. However, Nobita forgot about the sphere that has been sending telepathic messages to a mysterious girl named Lilulu. The actual owner of Zanda Claus, Lilulu seeks out Nobita when he accidentally lets slip all that he knows about the robot. After Lilulu proceeds to force him into showing her where it is, Nobita borrows the RollUp Fishing Hole from the spare pocket Doraemon keeps in the closet to take her to the World Inside the Mirror. She reclaims Zanda Claus while getting Nobita to let her borrow the RollUp Fishing Hole for a while.After some time, Nobita is visibly nervous about what she is up to and, after seeing two shooting stars in a row, he uses the Bamboo Copter to investigate the forest at Mt. Ura. There, Nobita follows another shooting star through the unrolled RollUp Fishing Hole and finds Lilulu building a massive robot army. Doraemon, having been suspicious of Nobitas peculiar behavior at home and having follows him there. They enter the mirror world and see a massive base being built by humanoid robots. The duo then use a longrange Paper Cup Phone to listen in on Lilulu as she orders the robots to work faster. She is revealed to be a humanhating robot. When Lilulu discovers them, Nobita and Doraemon escape to their own world with the portal accidentally destroyed by Zanda Claus. ........

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