Doubt (2008 film)

Doubt is a 2008 American drama film adaptation of John Patrick Shanleys Pulitzer Prize winning fictive stage play Doubt A Parable. Written and directed by Shanley and produced by Scott Rudin, the film stars Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis. It premiered October 30, 2008 at the AFI Fest before being distributed by Miramax Films in limited release on Decemberand in wide release on December 25.

Set in 1964 at a Catholic church in The Bronx, New York, the film opens with the jovial Father Flynn Philip Seymour Hoffman giving a sermon on the nature of doubt, noting that like faith, doubt can be a unifying force. The next evening, Sister Aloysius Beauvier Meryl Streep, the strict principal of the parish school, discusses the sermon with her fellow nuns, the Sisters of Charity of New York. She asks if anyone has observed unusual behavior that would inspire Father Flynn to preach about doubt, and instructs them to keep their eyes open should any such behavior occur in the future.Sister James Amy Adams, a young and naive teacher, observes the closeness between Father Flynn and Donald Miller, an altar boy and the schools only black student. One day during class, Sister James receives a call asking for Donald Miller to meet Father Flynn in the rectory. When he returns, Donald is distraught and Sister James notices the smell of alcohol on his breath. Later, while her students are learning a dance in the gymnasium, she sees Father Flynn placing a white shirt in Donalds locker. She decides to report her suspicions to Sister Aloysius. ........

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