Dr. Dolittle (film)

Dr. Dolittle is a 1998 American family comedy film starring Eddie Murphy as a doctor who discovers that he has the ability to talk to and understand animals. The film was inspired by the series of childrens stories of the same name, but used no material from any of the novels the main connection is the name and a doctor who can speak to animals, although the pushmipullyu, a muchloved feature of the books, notably makes a very brief appearance in a couple of scenes. The first novel had originally been filmed in 1967 as a musical under the same title, a closer albeit still very loose adaptation of the book. The earlier film was a box office bomb, but still remains a cult classic and a twotime Academy Awardwinner. Although the 1998 film was rated PG13 by the MPAA, it was marketed as a family film.

Young John Dolittle talks to his dog voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, who explains dogs sniff each others butts as a way of greeting, and John does so when meeting his new principal. This behavior concerns his father Ossie Davis, who hires the local minister to perform an exorcism. When John is intimidated, his dog attacks the minister, and his father gives the dog up for adoption. The incident greatly upsets John and he stops talking to animals. Unfortunately, John gets bullied by the others at school.Thirty years later, John Eddie Murphy is now living in San Francisco, California. He is a doctor, married with two children, and an animal hater. His 13yearold daughter Charisse RavenSymon demands to be called Paprika, kinda like SaltnPepa, and his youngest daughter Maya Kyla Pratt is a nerdy girl who dislikes socializing, and is raising what she believes to be a swan egg so it will bond with her. She also has a Guinea Pig named Rodney voiced by Chris Rock. Johns wife Lisa Kristen Wilson wants to spend time with him, while at Johns practice, a large medical company owned by Calloway Peter Boyle wants to buy his practice, making them a great deal of money. ........

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