Eddie Deezen

Edward Harry Eddie Deezen is an American comedian, actor, and voice actor best known for his bit parts as nerd characters in 1970s and 1980s films such as Grease, Grease 2, Midnight Madness, 1941 and WarGames, as well as for larger and starring roles in a number of independent cult films, including Surf II The End of the Trilogy, Mob Boss, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Beverly Hills Vamp and Teenage Exorcist.

Edward Harry Dezen was born in Cumberland, Maryland, the son of Irma and Robert Dezen. A class clown in his youth, Deezen started out with aspirations of becoming a standup comedian, moving out to Hollywood within days of graduating high school in order to pursue a career. As a comedian, he performed at least three times at The Comedy Store, though eventually decided to abandon standup and focus on acting after bombing his last act and having difficulty memorizing his routine. Deezen attempted standup one last time, however, when he appeared on an episode of The Gong Show in the mid1970s, only to be gonged by singersongwriter Paul Williams.

Source: Wikipedia