Engal Anna

Engal Anna is a 2004 Tamil romantic comedy drama film. It is a remake of the Malayalam film Chronic Bachelor. The film was released to positive reviews and was declared a successful film and managed to collectcrores.

Then film comes to the present time showing a legal battle between Prabhakaran now called SP and Bhavani. Bhavani becomes furious when SP wins the legal battle to get back his house. She threatens to destroy SP. From here, the story moves to the daytoday life of SP and falls into a comic track throughout the first half. SP is now a successful businessman. SP has a stepsister, Parvati Swarnamalya, who is his fathers daughter from the other wife. He now lives for her. But she doesnt know that SP is her brother, although she stays next door to him. Mayilu Vadivelu is SPs aide and he too is a bachelor. Gowri Namitha comes to stay in the hostel where Sandhya stays and tries to win the heart of SP. But SP considers her a nuisance.SP agrees to take care of Kannan Prabhu Deva. He is the son of Manivannan, his uncle who had helped SP to become a successful businessman. Prabhu Deva is a flirt and womanizer so his mother wants SP to take care of him and change his behaviours for the better. But what SP and his mother doesnt know is that Kannan has only agreed to stay in the house when he comes to know that Parvathi lives next door to SP and in order too woo her. Comical scenes recur throughout the movie, where Mayilu, who doesnt like Kannan and his friend Cheenu Pandiya Rajan staying with them, tries to get them out of the house. Gowri comes to know SP is sponsoring Parvathis studies and confronts him. SP tells her that Parvathi is his sister. Gowri then asks Parvathi to call SP for her birthday party. But SP gets upset and confronts Gowri. Gowri then reveals that her sponsor was SP all the while. During the birthday party, Bhavani comes and takes Gowri away. Then it becomes clear that Gowri is Bhavanis sister. Rivalry arises between Gowri and Bhavani. Parvathi starts showing affection towards Kannan but says its wrong and walks away. At this time, Bhavanis brother and his gang come to kidnap her. While rescuing Parvathi from Bhavanis brother, Kannan decides to bring Gowri ba

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