Erica Leerhsen

Erica Lei Leerhsen is an American actress. She first gained recognition for her part in the horror sequel Book of Shadows Blair Witch, which became a moderate commercial success. Her work led her to appear in acclaimed series such as The Sopranos and The Guardian, a show in which Leerhsen played a recurring character during the first season. She then landed a supporting role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , another box office success. For her roles in horror films such as Wrong TurnDead End , Lonely Joe , The Butterfly Room and Mischief Night , Leerhsen has been reckoned as a scream queen in the horror genre. She most recently had a part in the Woody Allen comedy Magic in the Moonlight .

Leerhsen was born in New York City, and was raised in Ossining, Westchester County, New York, along with her two younger sisters, Debbie and Nora. Their father, Charles Leerhsen, is a longtime editor of celebrity publication Us Weekly. She attended St. Augustines School and Ossining High School and graduated from Boston University College of Fine Arts in 1998. She earned BFA in acting the same year.

Source: Wikipedia