Escape from New York

Escape from New York is a 1981 American dystopian action film cowritten, coscored, and directed by John Carpenter. The film is set in a then nearfuture 1997 in a crimeridden United States that has converted Manhattan Island in New York City into a maximum security prison. Exsoldier Snake Plissken Kurt Russell is givenhours to find the President of the United States Donald Pleasence, who has been captured by prisoners after the crash of Air Force One.

In 1988, following a 400 increase in crime, the United States Government has evacuated Manhattan and turned the island into a giant maximumsecurity prison in which all inmates serve a life sentence. A 50foot 15m containment wall surrounds the island and routes out of Manhattan have been dismantled or mined. Armed helicopters patrol the rivers and harbor.In 1997, while traveling to a peace summit between the United States, the Soviet Union and Peoples Republic of China, Air Force One is hijacked by a terrorist group. The President is given a security bracelet, and has a briefcase containing an audiotape describing a powerful new bomb handcuffed to his wrist. He makes it to an escape pod, and lands in Manhattan just before Air Force One crashes, killing everyone else aboard. ........

Source: Wikipedia