Female Agents

Female Agents French Les Femmes de lombre is a 2008 French historical drama film directed by JeanPaul Salom and starring Sophie Marceau, Julie Depardieu, Marie Gillain, Dborah Franois, and Moritz Bleibtreu. Written by Salom and Laurent Vachaud, the film is about female resistance fighters in the Second World War. JeanPaul Salom, the director, drew inspiration from an obituary in The Times newspaper of Lise de Baissac Lise Villameur, from Mauritius then a British colony, one of the few recognised heroines of the SOE, named Louise Desfontaines in the film and played by Sophie Marceau. The film was partly funded by BBC Films.

Louise must first create a commando group of women especially chosen for the needs of the operation. When it comes to recruitment, anything goes lies, blackmail, bribery through the offer of remission of a death sentence and calls to carry out patriotic duty. She first employs Suzy Desprez Marie Gillain, a cabaret dancer who excels in the art of seducing men. Then she brings in Galle Lemenech Dborah Franois, a chemist and explosives expert. Finally she selects Jeanne Faussier Julie Depardieu, a prostitute capable of killing in cold blood. After their arrival in Normandy, they are joined by Maria Luzzato Maya Sansa, an Italian Jew and radio operator.The mission gets under way well, but quickly becomes complicated. They are obliged to return to Paris, where the SOE gives them a new, almost suicidal, objective to eliminate Colonel Heindrich, one of the key figures of Nazi counterespionage. He knows too much about the planned landings. ........

Source: Wikipedia