Five Corners (film)

Five Corners is a 1987 American low budget crime drama film starring Tim Robbins, Jodie Foster, John Turturro, and Rodney Harvey. It was directed by Tony Bill. It depicts 48 hours in the lives of a group of young New Yorkers in the 1960s.

Harry Tim Robbins had protected Linda in the nearrape, but since then he has adopted a policy of nonviolent response to violence caused by the murder of his policeman father and the nonviolent protests against racism espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King. Harry has now become a Buddhist and a pacifist, and seeks to join Dr. Kings movement, making protecting Linda again a difficult task.We also see Mr. Glasgow, an overly strict highschool teacher murdered by being shot in the back with an arrow while he walks down the street. That night we see Sal driving his fianc Melanie and her girlfriend Brita around the neighborhood while they take pills and sniff glue in the back seat. ........

Source: Wikipedia