Five Hours from Paris

Five Hours from Paris Hebrew Hamesh Shaot mePariz is a 2009 Israeli comedy film by Leonid Prudovsky. It premiered as an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival onSeptember 2009. A French cinema chain caused controversy when they cancelled its release following the Gaza flotilla raid and instead screened a French documentary about Rachel Corrie, an American protestor killed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2004.

Utopia, the French chain of art cinemas caused a wave of controversy when it announced it was removing the Israeli film from scheduling in light of Israels involvement in the Gaza flotilla raid. AnneMarie Faucon, cofounder of the chain said in an interview It was a protest of our whole company, .. We show many Israeli films, we organize a lot of debates on what happens in the world, but this time we reacted very strongly and in a very emotional way. Richard Prasquier, president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions countered that it represents a continuing trend of the delegitimization of Israel among the French intelligentsia.French newspapers condemned the banning, with Le Monde stating it represented censorship and that it was a sign of a dangerous trend. The newspaper continued It is counterproductive. It helps to weaken Israeli voices and eyes who are the most uncompromising about their government. If there is one country in which artists explore with talent and lucidity their state, their society, their leaders and their politics, it is Israel. Ronit Elkabetz, a veteran actress in French and Israeli cinema also condemned the ban during an interview with the French media. ........

Source: Wikipedia