Flame & Citron

Flame amp Citron Danish Flammen amp Citronen is a 2008 Danish drama film cowritten and directed by Ole Christian Madsen. The film, a fictionalized account based on historical events, stars Thure Lindhardt and Mads Mikkelsen as two Danish resistance movement fighters nicknamed Flammen and Citron, during the Nazi occupation of Denmark in World War II. Attracted by the story of the pair since he was twelve, Madsen spent eight years along with cowriter Lars K. Andersen researching historical archives to produce it.

Set after the Nazi invasion of Denmark, the film focuses on the Holger Danske resistance groups Bent Faurschou Hviid known as Flammen and Jrgen Haagen Schmith known as Citron. In a bar, Bent flirts with a woman, who identifies herself as Ketty Selmer and disturbs him by saying his real name. Bent and Jrgen follow the woman, and she tells Bent she is an emissary from Stockholm to Copenhagen.Aksel Winther, Bent and Jrgens handler, signals to them to kill Elisabeth Lorentzen, Horst Gilbert, and Hermann Seiboldmembers of Abwehr, a German military spy group. Bent and Jrgen argue over it as they kill only Danes to reduce the chance of retaliation by the Nazis. However, Winther claims orders from the government in exile in London. Bent kills Lorentzen but fails to kill Gilbert and Seibold. Later, Jrgen, his wife, Bodil, and their daughter, Ann, celebrate the girls birthday on their car as they are without money, and Bodil laments over their relationship. Three weeks later, Bent, Jrgen and Whinter meet Spex from the Danish Army Intelligence. He says there will be no more attacks, as they need peace to assemble men for a big attack. The three agree that they should not follow Spexs order, and later Jrgen kills Gilbert. That night, Jrgen robs a grocery store and takes the products to his wife and daughter however, Bodil announces she is seeing another man. ........

Source: Wikipedia