Fotonovela (film)

Fotonovela is a 2008 comedy Spanish language movie directed by Robert Kubilos that was released in the autumn of 2008 September 16. Its budget is estimated to 150,000. The movie was released on DVD at the same time. It lasts 90 minutes and it is produced under Maya Entertainment.

Angel Guzman is a Mexican immigrant in the U.S. But, rather than seek work as a laborer, he dreams of fulfilling his artistic passions. When the aspiring young Angel wins a radio contest and becomes an intern to one of L.A.s premiere photographers, he is convinced that this chance of a lifetime will jump start his career. But, on set, things prove to be more complicated It turns out that he is not very welcomed by some of his colleagues and possibly too welcomed by some of the ladies. Angel struggles to please a tyrannical boss while dodging the flirtations and temptations of twelve super models. Comedy and romance ensue as Angel finds his place in the world of photography and in the heart of a special woman. At the end, he gets Melanie.

Source: Wikipedia