Garth Porter

Garth Ivan Richard Porter is a New Zealandborn Australian multiinstrumental musician, songwriter and record producer. He was a member, on keyboards and backing vocals, of the pop group, Sherbet , and cowrote both of their numberone singles, Summer Love and Howzat . Porter is a cowriter and producer for country music singer Lee Kernaghan.

Garth Ivan Richard Porter was born onSeptember 1948 in Hamilton, New Zealand. His parents were farmers in the nearby rural area. He recalled that while growing up I learnt piano for about six months so I had a rough idea of musical notation. The future songwriter spent two nights a week at his grandparents home in Hamilton, Id walk there from work and from their place, I would walk to night school and I vividly remember I used to really look forward to my walks. As I was walking, the pace of my footsteps would be the rhythm of a song and I was just making up words and melodies all the time I was walking to my grandparents and then to night school.

Source: Wikipedia