George: A Zombie Intervention

George A Zombie Intervention also Georges Intervention is a 2009 American zombie comedy directed by J. T. Seaton, written by Seaton and Brad Hodson, and starring Carlos Larkin as a zombie who undergoes an invention by his friends, who are concerned that he is eating humans.

The names of the characters are references to George A. Romero and his Night of the Living Dead film series.Shooting took place in Los Angeles in late 2008 reshooting took place in early 2009. Seaton, a horror fan, wanted to make an independent film that genre fans could enjoy without feeling exploited. The cast watched episodes of Intervention in order to prepare. Ben was not originally a gay character, but Seaton wanted to insert a plot twist that invalidated a hintedat romantic subplot between Ben and Sarah. Seaton, a friend of Brinke Stevens, cast her in the end sequence. Lloyd Kaufman was cast after he requested a part. The part of Barbra was written for Lynn Lowry, whom Seaton had met on the set another film. British farces were an influence on Seaton for this film, but he also credits H. P. Lovecraft as a general influence. ........

Source: Wikipedia