Get Smart (film)

Get Smart is a 2008 American adventure and action comedy film which was directed by Peter Segal, written by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember and produced by Leonard B. Stern, who is also the original series producer. The film is based on Mel Brooks and Buck Henrys 1960s spy parody television series of the same name.

Maxwell Max Smart, an analyst for the top secret American intelligence agency, CONTROL, yearns to become a field agent like his idol, Agent 23. Despite top scores in the acceptance tests, Max is denied the promotion because the Chief of CONTROL feels that Max is too valuable as an analyst. Max goes for a walk, looking at Fang, a puppy in the pet store. A woman bumps into him. When CONTROL headquarters is attacked by the terrorist organization KAOS, almost all of CONTROLs agents identities are exposed, leaving only Agent 99, the woman Max bumped into as a viable field operative, while the others are demoted to desk jobs. Max is therefore promoted to field agent as Agent 86, but the experienced 99 is reluctant to partner with him because of his clumsiness.On the plane, Max and 99 discuss their appearance changes, Max, a year ago was morbidly obese, and 99 was a blonde and is older than Max. Max is arrested after passengers believe he has a bomb its just chewing gum stuck to his shoe. During the attempt to parachute over a drop zone, Max opens the hatch prematurely, falling without a parachute. 99 attempts to save him, but Dalip, a KAOS agent almost foils their plan, had 99 not kissed him. The two infiltrate Krstics mansion undercover as guests during a luxurious party, where they trace the nuclear material to a KAOS nuclear weapons factory disguised as a Moscow bakery, but when Krstic and his men corner them, Max is forced to shoot him. In the bakery, Max meets with KAOS boss Siegfried and his secondincommand, Shtarker, only to learn that a doubleagent has compromised their identities. ........

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