Girl Trouble (1942 film)

Girl Trouble is a 1942 comedy film made by 20th Century Fox, directed by Harold D. Schuster, and starring Don Ameche and Joan Bennett. It is also known as Between You and Me and Man from Brazil.

Pedro is going to the United States to secure a bank loan for his fathers business, and needs a place to stay during the negotiations. Despite the huge cost of renting the fancy apartment, he cannot resist its beauty and the charms of its owner June.When Pedro arrives to his new temporary home, June is dressed in an apron, and Pedro mistakes her for a servant. June doesnt take him out of his misconception, but continues to play along, telling him that Miss Delaney is away traveling. Since June knows nothing of the servant role, Pedro is soon very disappointed with her services. Pedro also meets resistance in the negotiations with the largest tire manufacturer in the US, Ambrose Murdock Flint, who insists on investing his money in a rubber substitute instead of the real rubber Pedro has to offer. When Pedro talks to the companys New York representative, Mr. Cordoba, who misunderstands him and thinks he has been granted the loan by Flint. ........

Source: Wikipedia