Golconda High School

Golconda High School Telugu is a 2011 Indian Telugu sports drama written and directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti under the Artbeat Capital banner, which earlier produced the hit film Ashta Chamma film. It stars Sumanth and Swati Reddy in the lead roles. The noted cinematographer, K. K. Senthil, was the DOP for the film, and the music was scored by Kalyani Malik. The movie is based on the book The Men Within, written by Hari Mohan Paruvu. Released onJanuary 2011. In addition to receiving excellent reviews, it was declared a commercial hit as well.citation needed It also received a very high TRP rating on its Television premiere onApril 2011.

Led by Siddanth and their lack of discipline, the team initially resists Sampaths training. Despite trying to get under Sampaths skin, they fail to persuade their coach to change his methods. Frustrated, Siddanth challenges Sampath to a students vs. teachers cricket gamethe deal being that if the students win, they will not follow Sampaths coaching anymore. Towards the end of the game, the frustrated Siddanth deserts his losing team. Gowtham subsequently takes over captaincy and the students manage to tie the game when Sampath purposely gets bowled out in the last over. The students get very impressed with Sampaths cricketing prowess and decide to follow his coaching despite Siddanths opposition.Later, after Sampath helps remove a police case against another student, Mikey, they realize his compassionate nature and embrace his coaching entirely. Siddanth too follow suit. The GHS team, after coming to know of the deal between Kireet and Viswanath over the cricket ground, get further motivated and raise their efforts towards winning every match. The team advance to the finals of the championshipthe final match being against the very strong Everglades team. Right before the finals, the GHS boys come to know that the Everglades coach Sundar and Sampath share some bad blood from the past. When Sampath refuses to reveal his personal history with Sundar, they start doubting Sampath and lose focus, letting their opponents amass over 190 runs inovers. During the break, Viswanath, coming to know of the misunderstanding between coach and team, tells the boys exactly what had happened between Sampath and Sundar almostyears agoSundar, also an ex GHS student Sundar purposely got Sampath run out during the final championship match, where latter had played brilliantly. To attain personal glory, Sundar went onto black list Sampath, depriving him of any future in cricket. ........

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