Gouravam (2013 film)

Gouravam English Honour is a 2013 Indian drama film, written and directed by Radha Mohan. Simultaneously shot in Telugu and Tamil languages, the film was produced by Prakash Raj under the banner of Duet Movies. It marks the acting debut of Allu Sirish, brother of Allu Arjun, and also stars Yami Gautam in the lead. Gouravam deals with the issue of honour killing. The film released onApril 2013 with a linear narrative in Tamil and with a Non linear narrative in Telugu. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audience.

Till here, both the versions were identical. But from this point of story, the rest of the film is different in both the versions.Palani starts telling the truths to Arjun, Yazhini, Venky and his group. The night Rajeswari eloped with Shanmugam, Pasupathy orders Saravanan and Palani to bring her back home. They find her with Shanmugam in a Bus and take them to a Cold Storage. There while Saravanan mercilessly thrashes Shanmugam, Rajeswari stops him and holds Shanmugams hand and tells that she cant live without him. In a fit of rage, Saravanan cuts Rajeswaris hand with a Sword. While Palani could know what was happening, the couple is killed by Saravanan. Palani confesses the same in front of the magistrate which leads her to issue an arrest warrant on Saravanan as well as Pasupathy, who was aware of the happenings. Saravanan, frustrated, goes on a killing spree to kill Arjun and his friend, only to be thrashed mercilessly by Arjun. Saravanan surrenders himself to Police whereas Pasupathy kills himself by a Gun before the police reach him. The movie thus ends on a happy note with Arjuns friends returning to home and an Injured Arjun talking to the Media about the Honor killing that took place there. ........

Source: Wikipedia