Grand Theft Auto (film)

Grand Theft Auto is a 1977 American comedy road movie directed by Ron Howard. It was Howards feature film directorial debut and features himself as Sam Freeman and Nancy Morgan as Paula Powers in the leading roles. The film takes its title from the crime grand theft auto, which is committed a number of times by several different characters.

Sam is thrown off the premises and Paula is sent to her room. She escapes through the window, steals her parents RollsRoyce, picks up Sam and hits the road this is the beginning of two runaway lovers in a wild explosive car chase and race towards Las Vegas. As news of their elopement spreads, several people start off after them to try to stop the fleeing couple.Paulas father, Bigby Powers starts the chase by arranging his helicopter. Collins Hedgeworth leaves his stable and starts chasing his love interest like mad. When he calls to the TenQ radio station to DJ Curly Q. Brown Don Steele he offers a USD25,000 reward for the ones who can catch Paula and Sam. As a result the chase becomes more and more chaotic as many people along and on the road try to stop the couple in order to claim the reward. A number of cars are wrecked and stolen, and a subsequent reward of 25,000 is offered for Collins Hedgeworth, who is wanted by the police for grand theft auto, after he stole a car. ........

Source: Wikipedia