Gunhed (film)

GUNHED , Ganheddo? is a 1989 Japanese liveaction mecha film. It was adapted by Kia Asamiya into the manga Gunhed, based on a screenplay by James Bannon and Masato Harada.

During the year 2005, the Cybortech Company built one of the most advanced robotics development facilities upon a small Asian island simply called 8JO. Controlled by a highly advanced A.I.system, Kyron5, the A.I. autonomously ran the island foryears until it come to realize humanity wasnt needed and began to use their own technologies to rebel against humanity the great robot war began. To quell Kyron5s insurrection, the allied powers dispatched a GUNHED battalion in attempt to stop Kyron5, however, it was being protected by a powerful guardian, Aerobot. The battalion was defeated and all of its remains were thrown in a scrap yard. The conflict never had a clear victor, but the world allies chose to leave 8JO alone, it would beyears later for anyone to discover Kyron5s survival and true intentions.The year is now 2038, the scavenger crew of the Mary Ann has infiltrated 8JO and begins their mission to scavenge computer chips. Captain Bansho, Brooklyn, Babe, Barabbas, and Bombbay infiltrated the lower decks while Boomerang and Boxer monitored things near the Mary Ann. Not long, Boxer and Boomerang gets killed by the automated defenses on the landing pad. As the infiltration team heads deeper into Kyron5, Bansho and Barabbas was killed inside the elevator as the defenses attacked them. Brooklyn, Babe, and Bombbay managed to survive the assault and bumped into an injured Texas Air Ranger, Sgt Nim. ........

Source: Wikipedia