Guy Forsyth

Guy Forsyth is an American Texas blues and blues rock singer, guitarist, harmonicist and songwriter.

Forsyth was born in Denver, Colorado, and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. With an airline employee as a father, Forsyths formative years were interspersed with frequent relocations to New York, Connecticut, and California before settling again in Kansas City. By the age ofhe began playing the harmonica, in addition to singing, and was influenced by the work to Robert Johnson to later learn to play the guitar. Forsyth moved to Austin, Texas, in January 1990. By the mid1990s, Forsyths live performances became well known around Austin. In addition to solo work and with his own band, Forsyth was one of the cofounders of the Asylum Street Spankers. The band developed a raucous and irreverent sound, focusing on musicianship and theatricality. They played most of their earlier concerts without any amplification, which resulted in a heightened theatricality to the shows. Forsyth played on their 2000 album, Spanker Madness. A Dutch based independent record label had earlier released High

Source: Wikipedia