Hit the Deck (1930 film)

Hit the Deck is a 1930 American musical film directed by Luther Reed, which starred Jack Oakie and Polly Walker, and featured Technicolor sequences. It was based on the musical Hit the Deck, which was itself based on the play, Shore Leave by Hubert Osborne. It was one of the most expensive productions of RKO Radio Pictures up to that time, and one of the most expensive productions of 1930. This version faithfully reproduced the stage version of the musical.

Mrs. Payne is an heiress, and when she engages in conversation with Looloo, she expresses admiration for the necklace Looloo is wearing. She offers to purchase it for a substantial sum, but it is a family heirloom and Looloo refuses. Later, two sailors arrive at the diner, Bilge Oakie and Clarence Ovey, looking for Lavinia, Clarences sweetheart who has run away. Bilge, is smitten with Looloo, and begins to romance her. Opening up to her, he reveals his desire to become the captain of his own ship after he leaves the navy. Before things go too far, Bilges shipmates drag him back to his ship, which is scheduled to set sail.Based on her conversation with Bilge, Looloo decides to sell her necklace to Mrs. Payne, in order to get the funds necessary to buy a ship for Bilge. When Bilges ship docks once again, the two lovers are reunited, and Bilge proposes to Looloo, who happily accepts. However, when she tells him about the money, and the plans shes made to help him buy his own ship, his pride makes him indignant and he storms off. However, he later returns and the two agree to marry. ........

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