Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

Hoodwinked Too Hood vs. Evil is a 2011 American computeranimated 3D family action comedy film and the sequel to 2005s Hoodwinked, directed by Mike Disa and released on April 29, 2011 by The Weinstein Company. The film was written by Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards and Tony Leech, who wrote and directed the previous Hoodwinked film. Most of the cast reprised their roles, with the exceptions of Anne Hathaway and Jim Belushi, who were replaced by Hayden Panettiere and Martin Short, respectively.

Wolf Patrick Warburton, Granny Glenn Close, and Twitchy Cory Edwards are on a rescue mission to save Hansel and Gretel Bill Hader and Amy Poehler from an evil witch named Verushka Joan Cusack. The plan goes wrong however and Granny is kidnapped as well. Meanwhile, Red Hayden Panettiere is in training with a mysterious group called the Sisters of the Hood where she learns that a secret all powerful truffle recipe has been stolen. She teams up with Wolf and Twitchy to find the recipe and save her grandma, but she and Wolf cant get along and the team splits up. Meanwhile, Verushka, who stole the truffle recipe, tries to force Granny into making it for her.Granny escapes and finds Hansel and Gretel, but learns that they are actually the masterminds behind the plot. Granny is recaptured and learns that Verushka was an old classmate of hers when they were both in training with the Sisters of the Hood Verushka was always second behind Grannys accomplishments. Eventually Red, Wolf, and Twitchy team back together and infiltrate Hansel and Gretels base. Red accidentally reveals the final ingredient for the truffle recipe and the truffles are made. ........

Source: Wikipedia