Hope Floats

Hope Floats is a 1998 American romantic drama film directed by Forest Whitaker and starring Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick, Jr., and Gena Rowlands.

Birdee Pruitt Sandra Bullock is a Chicago housewife who is invited onto a talk show under the pretense of getting a free makeover but instead is ambushed with the revelation that her husband Bill has been having an affair with her best friend Connie. Humiliated on national television, Birdee and her daughter Bernice Mae Whitman move back to Birdees hometown of Smithville, Texas, with Birdees eccentric mother Ramona Gena Rowlands to make a fresh start. As Birdee and Bernice leave Chicago, Birdee gives Bernice a letter from her father, telling Bernice how much he misses her.Birdee struggles to make a new life as a working single mother and deals with the growing attraction between herself and a former high school classmate, Justin Matisse Harry Connick, Jr.. She also tries to rebuild her relationship with her estranged mother, her ailing father who suffers from Alzheimers Disease, and her daughter, who wants desperately to be with her father and blames her mother for the breakup, even trying to sabotage the romantic overtures Justin makes towards Birdee. ........

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