If You Could Say It in Words

If You Could Say it in Words is a 2008 American romance film written and directed by Nicholas Gray. It focuses on the relationship between two disparate individuals. The film played at multiple American film festivals in 200809. It has also been screened in connection with autism awareness programs in Nebraska in 2009 and by the Dutch Ministry of Healths during Autism Awareness Week in 2010. The film will be distributed on DVD in North America by Vanguard Cinema in November 2010.

Alex Plank, founder of the Wrong Planet community for autism and autism spectrum disorders, first discussed the film on the organizations website with a February 2008 interview with actor Alvin Keith and director Nicholas Gray. In September 2008 he wrote a review in which he described his appreciation for the films threedimensional and unexaggerated interpretation of the disorder, calling it ...the most authentic portrayal of an autistic person Ive ever seen in the movies.New York Film Critics Circle member, Mike dAngelo, gave special praise to actress Marin Ireland, calling her work ...one of the most stunning performances Ive seen in the past couple of years easily my top Best Actress pick for various polls and surveys, at this writing, should the film get a New York commercial release. ........

Source: Wikipedia