Insaniyat (1967 film)

Insaniyat Urdu English humanity is a Pakistani Urdu language blackandwhite film produced by A. Hameed. This was a hit film by the director Shabab Kiranvi. The film starred Waheed Murad, Zeba, Tariq Aziz, Firdous and Nanna.

Insaniyat is a story of a dedicated doctor Waheed Murad and a faithful wife Zeba. Waheed leaves the country for abroad to get a higher degree in medical sciences whereas his beloved Zeba waits for his return. Before his return, Zeba is forcefully married to Tariq Aziz by her parents. On wedding night, it is discovered that Tariq is a cancer patient. After returning home, Waheed saves his patients Tariq Aziz life who was married to his beloved. Firdous played the role of a mad girl under medical treatment in Waheeds clinic.The music of Insaniyat is composed by M. Ashraf and the lyrics are written by the director Shabab Kiranvi, Khawaja Pervez and Nazim Panipati. Playback singers are Ahmed Rushdi, Mala and Irene Parveen. ........

Source: Wikipedia