Ip Man: The Final Fight

Ip Man The Final Fight is a 2013 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Herman Yau, starring Anthony Wong, Anita Yuen, Jordan Chan, Eric Tsang and Gillian Chung. It is based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man. This film has no connection to the earlier Ip Man films, such as Wilson Yips Ip Man and Ip Man 2, and Wong Karwais The Grandmaster.

Ip Man The Final Fight portrays a more realistic account of Ip Mans life in Hong Kong. He struggles against the vicissitudes of life and has to cope with his gastric pain. He also insists on having a relationship with the singer Jenny after his wifes death, even though his students strongly object to it. He also gets into conflict with Ng Chung, a White Crane Style master, but they become friends later. When Wong Tung gets into trouble with a mob boss called Local Dragon, Ip Man and his students show up and rescue Wong. Ip Man also defeats Local Dragon in a fight, captures him, and hands him over to the police. After the fight, he briefly meets Bruce Lee and Lees two students. The film ends with Ip Man practising Wing Chun on a wooden dummy while Ip Chun records it on a camera, followed by actual footage of the reallife Ip Man doing the same thing.Anthony Wong said in an email interview with Singapores The New Paper that he was drunk when director Herman Yau called him and asked him if he would like to portray Ip Man in his movie, and he replied yes. Although he regretted his decision later, he eventually agreed after reading the script. To prepare for his role, Wong went on a diet and started practising Wing Chun on a wooden dummy given to him by producer Checkley Sin. ........

Source: Wikipedia