Iron Monkey 2

Iron Monkeyis a 1996 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Chao Lujiang and featuring action choreography by Yuen Wooping. This film starred Donnie Yen as Iron Monkey, a role played by Yu Rongguang in the 1993 film Iron Monkey, which also starred Yen, but in a different role. The story in Iron Monkeyis not related to that of Iron Monkey.

Jin, a young peasant from the countryside, travels to the town in search of his father. He meets a pair of orphans, Xiaochun and Xiaoqian, who make a living by conning others. After seeing that he is very good in martial arts, they lie to him that they will help him find his father if he impersonates Iron Monkey. The naive Jin agrees and accepts a deal offered by a rich girl to help her avenge her father, who was murdered by Tiger. Jins father is actually the blind old man who sings and plays songs on an erhu in town.The following night, Iron Monkey robs a truck full of firearms purchased by Tiger. However, Jin, Xiaochun and Xiaoqian show up, and Jin declares that he is Iron Monkey. While Jin and the real Iron Monkey are fighting with each other, Xiaochun and Xiaoqian escape with the firearms. The fight between Jin and Iron Monkey is interrupted by Tigers men. They manage to escape but Jins father, who happens to be nearby, is captured by Tigers men. ........

Source: Wikipedia