Iron Will

Iron Will is a 1994 American adventure film directed by Charles Haid, it stars Mackenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey, David Ogden Stiers, George Gerdes, Brian Cox, Penelope Windust and August Schellenberg.

During the race, Will becomes popular with the newspaper media as reporter Harry Kingsley Kevin Spacey who also helped pay for Will to enter the race. The reporter tells about Wills strong courage in what he must do. As Will races for long hours for many days, he endures brutal cold, steep mountains, treacherous river passages and various other obstacles, and grows increasingly tired and sick. There are even attempts by some of the other competitors to sabotage his efforts and even hurt his lead dog, Gus. Will becomes hostile towards his competitors for their sabotage and also towards Kingsley for using him for publicity. However, when one competitor tries to bribe Will to drop out of the race, Kingsley defends Wills honor and the two make amends.However, on the last day of the race, Kingsley becomes genuinely concerned when he sees how bad Wills condition is, as he can barely move, and advises him to drop out of the race and see a doctor, but Will insists on finishing the race to the end. Will finds himself following his arch enemy Borg Guillarson on a dangerous shortcut to the finish line, as it runs near a turbulent river. Will had been taking great lengths all through the race to dodge water obstacles because of what happened to his father, but he finds the courage to face this one, as Boggs dogs turn against him for using a whip. Exhausted from lack of sleep, Will collapses near the finish line, until Ned Dodd awakens the spirit of his fathers dog Gus, with a familiar whistle. The crowd joins in and the finish of this race is one of the greatest scenes in dog sledding. ........

Source: Wikipedia