Iva Bittov%C3%A1

Iva Bittov is a Czech avantgarde violinist, singer, and composer. She began her career as an actress in the mid1970s, appearing in several Czech feature films, but switched to playing violin and singing in the early 1980s. She started recording in 1986 and by 1990 her unique vocal and instrumental technique gained her international recognition. Since then, she has performed regularly throughout Europe, the United States and Japan, and has released over eight solo albums.

Iva Bittov was born onJuly 1958 in the town of Bruntl, Czech Silesia, in what was then the Republic of Czechoslovakia. The second of three daughters, she grew up in a musical family where her father Koloman Bitto , a famous musician of HungarianIndian origin from southern Slovakia, played guitar, trumpet and double bass in folk and classical ensembles, and her mother Ludmila Bittov sang in professional vocal groups. As a child, Bittov took ballet and violin lessons in Opava and played child roles in the Silesian Theatre of Zdenk Nejedl. When her family moved to Brno in 1971, she dropped music in favour of drama and studied at the Brno Conservatory. For the next ten years, Bittov worked as an actress, appearing in several Czech feature films and Brno television and radio productions.

Source: Wikipedia