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Jzef Klemens Pisudski December 1867160May 1935 was a Polish statesman Chief of State , First Marshal of Poland , and de facto leader of the Second Polish Republic, Minister of Military Affairs. From midWorld War I he had a major influence in Polands politics, and was an important figure on the European political scene. He was the person most responsible for the creation of the Second Republic of Poland in 1918, 123 years after it had been taken over by Russia, Austria and Prussia. Under Pisudski, Poland recovered Vilnius from newly born independent state of Lithuania following eligowskis Mutiny but was unable to incorporate most of Lithuania into the newly resurrected Polish State.

Jzef was born onDecember 1867 to the medieval noble family Pisudski, at their manor named Zuw near the Zuowo village , on the territory of the former PolishLithuanian Commonwealth, occupied by the Russian Empire since 1795. The estate was part of the dowry brought by his mother, a member of the wealthy Billewicz family. The Pisudskis family although pauperized, cherished Polish patriotic traditions and has been characterized either as Polish or as PolonizedLithuanian. Jzef was the second son born to the family.

Source: Wikipedia