JCVD (film)

JCVD is a 2008 Belgian crime drama film directed by French Tunisian film director Mabrouk El Mechri, and starring JeanClaude Van Damme as a semifictionalized version of himself, a down and out action star whose family and career are crumbling around him as he is caught in the middle of a post office heist in his hometown of Brussels, Belgium.

The film establishes JeanClaude Van Damme playing himself as an outofluck actor. He is out of money his agent cannot find him a decent production and the judge in a custody battle is inclined to give custody of his daughter over to his exwife. His own daughter rejects him as a father, much to his chagrin. He returns to his childhood home of Schaarbeek in the Brussels capitol region, Belgium, where he is still considered a national icon.After posing for pictures with clerks outside a video store, Van Damme goes into the post office across the street. A shot is fired inside the post office, and a police officer responds but is waved off by Van Damme at the window, which is then blocked. He calls for backup. ........

Source: Wikipedia