Jailhouse Rock (film)

Jailhouse Rock is a 1957 American musical drama film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, and Mickey Shaughnessy. Distributed by MetroGoldwynMayer MGM and dramatized by Guy Trosper from a story written by Nedrick Young, the film is about a young man sentenced to prison for manslaughter who is mentored in music by his prison cellmate who realizes his musical abilities. After his release from jail, while looking for a job as a club singer, the young man meets a musical promoter who helps him launch his career. As he develops his musical abilities and becomes a star, his selfcentered personality begins to affect his relationships.

Construction worker Vince Everett Elvis accidentally kills a drunken and belligerent man in a barroom brawl. He is sentenced to between one and ten years in the state penitentiary for manslaughter. His new cellmate, washedup country singer Hunk Houghton Shaughnessy, starts teaching Vince to play the guitar after hearing Vince sing and strum Hunks guitar. Hunk then convinces Vince to participate in an upcoming inmate show, which is broadcast on nationwide television. Vince receives numerous fan letters as a result but out of apparent jealousy, Hunk ensures they are not delivered to Vince. Hunk then convinces Vince to sign a contract to become equal partners in his act. Meanwhile, during an inmate riot in the mess hall, a guard shoves Vince, who retaliates by striking the guard. As a result, the warden orders Vince to be lashed with a whip. Afterwards, it was discovered that Hunk attempted to bribe the guards to drop the punishment, but to no avail.Upon Vinces releasemonths later, the warden gives Vince his fan mail. Hunk then promises Vince a singing job at a nightclub owned by a friend, where Vince meets Peggy Van Alden Tyler, a promoter for pop singer Mickey Alba. Vince is surprised when the club owner denies him a job as a singer but offers him a job as a bar boy. Undeterred, Vince takes the stage when the house band takes a break and starts singing Young and Beautiful. But one of the customers laughs obnoxiously throughout the performance, enraging Vince, who smashes his guitar on the customers table and leaves the club. Peggy follows Vince and persuades him to record a demo so that he can listen to himself sing. Vince records Dont Leave Me Now, which Peggy takes to Geneva Records. The manager seems unimpressed, but he reluctantly agrees to play the tape for his boss in New York. The next day, Peggy informs Vince that the song has been sold. She then takes him to a party at her parents home, but Vince leaves after he offends a guest he mistakenly believes is

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