Kanden Kadhalai

Kanden Kadhalai English I Saw My Love is a 2009 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film directed by R. Kannan of Jayamkondaan fame.

Shakthivel Bharath is the son of a wealthy industrialist and the managing director of Rajasekar Industries. His mother Kamala is suing the company because Shakthi insulted her for having an affair with the company auditor. To add to that, the girl he loved got married to someone else. Disgusted with life, he gets up and walks aimlessly, taking a bus to the Chennai Railway Station. There he boards the Pandian Express at night without a ticket and sits in gloom. Anjali Tamannaah is a college student who is going to her hometown Theni for vacation. Anjali is bubbly and talkative and thoroughly irritates Shakthi. She tells him of her plans to elope with her lover Gautham. At night, Shakthi leaves the train. Anjali wakes up to find him gone. Seeing him sitting on the platform, she gets off the train to bring him back. As a result she misses the train. She tells Shakthi that it is his responsibility to take her back to the train. Annoyed, he takes her to the next station so that she can board the train and leaves her. Anjali again misses the train. While she is waiting for a taxi to reach the next station, some gangsters chase her, but she runs into Shakthi who fights them off.Anjali tells Shakthi that it was his responsibility to take her safely home to Theni. They go to a hotel and Anjali tells him to burn the photo of his lover. He does so and feels better. They flee the hotel in the middle of the night and board a bus. While travelling, they become good friends. They reach Theni, where Anjali insists that he meet her family. Anjalis grandfather Ravichandran tells him to stay with them for a couple of days. Unable to refuse, Shakthi accepts and enjoys a few days with her family who treat him as an honored guest. Anjali tries to get him to forge a relationship with her cousin Roja Sapan Saran. Meanwhile, Anjali tells Shakthi that her family is trying to get her hitched to her uncle Mokkai Raasu Santhanam and asks him for ideas to escape. Anjali behaves in such a way ar

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