Gaddama Malayalam , Arabic , English translation Housemaid is a 2011 Malayalam drama film cowritten and directed by Kamal. It stars Kavya Madhavan in the title role and was produced by P. V. Pradeep under the banner of Anitha Productions. Cinematography is by Manoj Pillai and the film was edited by K. Rajagopal. The film features songs composed by Bennet Veetraag and the background music is by M. Jayachandran.

Razak Kottekkad Sreenivasan is a migrant social worker in Saudi Arabia who makes an effort to both identify unknown Indians whose bodies arrive at the mortuary and to secure their return home.Meanwhile, we are shown the story of Aswathi Kavya Madhavan, who is a lower midclass Malayali woman from Pattambi, Kerala. She gets married to a smalltime goon, Radhakrishnan Biju Menon who confesses her about his premarriage life and assures a complete change. Unfortunately after a short period of happy life, he dies due to drowning he went to save people who was in river . The whole people who was drowned were rescued except him. Due to the financial constraints of her family and the untimely death of her husband, Ashwathi is forced to be the bread earner of the house and opts to go to the gulf. Usman Suraj Venjaramood, who is the car driver of an Arab family, belongs to Aswathis village and he arranges the visa for Aswathi and brings her to Saudi Arabia. She lands in Saudi Arabia and many surprises await her, starting at the airport itself. She is forced to wear a burqa at all times, as part of the dress code of the country. She is subsequently exposed to a rigid culture and a slaverylike vocation and is taken up under a sponsor to work for him as a maid. ........

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