Kill List

Kill List is a 2011 British horror film directed by Ben Wheatley, cowritten and coedited with Amy Jump, and starring Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, and MyAnna Buring.

Jay and Gal are former soldiers who have become hitmen since they left the military. While Gal is laid back, Jay is still suffering from an unspecified disastrous mission in Kiev. Despite the urging of his wife Shel, he has not worked since, and they are running out of money. Shel organises a dinner party to which she invites Gal and his latest girlfriend, Fiona, a human resources manager. During the evening, Gal reveals he has a new job for them, which Shel encourages him to take. Meanwhile, Fiona goes to the toilet, carves a symbol on the back of the bathroom mirror, and takes a tissue that Jay had used to mop up his blood after a shaving accident. Jay accepts the job, and the two meet the shadowy client, who has a list of three people he wants killed. The employer unexpectedly cuts Jays hand and his own, so that the contract is effectively signed in blood.Their first target, a priest, appears to recognise Jay and thanks him just before being killed. The second name on the list is an archivist who keeps a collection of horrific, sickening videos of an undisclosed nature. He also thanks Jay, who, out of disgust for the videos, tortures and savagely beats him to death with a hammer. Jay insists on chasing down and killing the archivists associates, and as Gal looks into their files, he finds a folder on himself and Jay, including details of their Kiev mission. Although they do not recognise it, the file includes the symbol that Fiona carved in Jays mirror. ........

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