Kill or Be Killed (film)

Kill or Be Killed is a martial arts movie that was made in South Africa in 1977 and was titled Karate Olympiad, but released in 1980 to capitalize on the popularity of American martial arts films.

In an attempt to get Steve back on his team, von Rudloff sends one of his top fighters, Ruell Ed Kannemeyer to kidnap Olga. Steve decides to return but as a member of Miyagis team. When the tournament begins, Steve finds himself at constant odds with von Rudloff. When von Rudloff forces Steve to face Olga, a plan is set up for the couple to escape. However, Steve and Olga find themselves kidnapped along with nearly all of the karate fighters with the exception of Luke Douglas Baggott, a monster fighter on von Rudloffs team. Von Rudloff also learns that his henchman Chico was responsible for helping Steve and Olga. When the fighters make their break out of von Rudloffs castle, Steve takes on Luke in the middle of the desert and after defeating him, von Rudloff finds a gun on the ground and knowing that he cannot ever accept defeat, he takes his own life.The fighting style in the film is a showcase of the pure style of Japanese karate, courtesy of the Japan Karate Association South Africa. Shihans Stan Schmidt and Norman Robinson choreographed the films karate sequences as well as appear in the film as two members of von Rudloffs karate team. ........

Source: Wikipedia