King of the Underworld (1939 film)

King of the Underworld is a 1939 crime drama film starring Humphrey Bogart as a gangster and Kay Francis as a doctor forced to treat him. It was directed by Lewis Seiler. It is a remake of the 1935 film Dr. Socrates, which was based on a short story by W. R. Burnett.

While on his way to free his men, Joe has a flat tire. He initially suspects nearby wanderer Bill Stevens James Stephenson of having shot at him, but then a nail is extracted from the tire. When Bill mentions that he has written a book about the mistakes that brought about Napoleons downfall, Joe becomes very interested, as he is a great admirer of the French leader. He offers Bill a ride. Bill makes the mistake of accepting, and soon finds himself shot in the shoulder when Joe and his gang rescue their comrades from the sheriff. Bill is caught.When local Doctor Sanders Arthur Aylesworth refuses to treat the alleged criminal, Carole extracts the bullet. However, Bill is unable to provide her any useful information about Joe. When Bills claims are confirmed, he is released. He goes to thank Carole. Aunt Josephine persuades him to stay with them for a week to recuperate. ........

Source: Wikipedia