Kung Fu Dunk

Kung Fu Dunk traditional Chinese simplified Chinese pinyin Gngf Gunln , also known by its former title Slam Dunk, is a 2008 Chineselanguage action comedy film. It was directed by Taiwanese director Chu YinPing and filmed in Taiwan and mainland China. The film was previously titled Slam Dunk, but later the title has been changed to avoid confusion with the Slam Dunk manga and anime series which it was roughly based on despite the film itself having no association whatsoever. The filming, however, conveyed a strong flavour of Hong Kong films, reminiscent of movies like Shaolin Soccer. It features a list of pop stars from Taiwan and Hong Kong, along with wellknown actors of Mainland China.

The film revolves around an orphaned boy called Fang Shijie Jay Chou, who grew up in a kung fu school and becomes a talented basketball player. Every morning, he is used as a punchbag in a demonstration by the principal of the school. When he uses shaolin iron vest iron shirt technique, as to not feel the principals punches, the principal makes him stay on the streets for one night without dinner. He demonstrates his incredible accuracy to a downandout hustler, Wang Li by throwing cans into a bin almost ten metres away. Wang tells him, that if he can throw a coin into his mouth from twenty metres away, he would treat him to dinner. They go to a fivestar French restaurant, where Wang Lis daughter works, and eat leftovers. Li convinces Shijie to help them make some money for themselves. After eating, they go to a Casino owned by one of Wang Lis old friends son, Brother Hu. There, Shijie wins hundreds of dollars playing darts. The resulting fight causes thousands of dollars worth of damage. The next morning, before school starts, Bi Tianhao, the principal of Fireball University puts the principal of the kung fu school onto his paylist. Then, after a massive beating by Bi Tianhaos thugs, Shijie is expelled. The next night, Shijie is once again sitting on the park bench where he met Wang Li, who is still there. On the pretext of helping him search for his family, Wang Li invites him to play basketball at First University as the new star of its basketball team. Meanwhile, Wang Li capitalises on media interest in Shijie to make money via interviews and news articles.After joining the basketball team, Shijie finds that Liji Lily Charlene Choi whom he had admired for a long time is the sister of Ting Wei Bolin Chen, the leader of the basketball team. Shijie is desperate to draw her attention. Therefore, he attempts to compete with Xiao Lan Baron Chen, who is Lilis idol. The competition between Shijie and Xiao Lan generates an unstable atmosphere within the team. After Ti

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