Ky%C5%8Dko Aizome

Kyko Aizome is a Japanese erotic actress, singer, AV director, and writer who has been called, the first hardcore porn actress in Japan.

Kyko Aizome was born in Noda Chiba Prefecture. She grew up in a troubled household, her father was a police officer who beat his wife, and her parents divorced about 1974, when Aizome wasyears old. Soon after graduation from high school, Aizome was scouted in Tokyos Shinjuku neighborhood by a photographer for nude magazines. She saw nude modeling as a steppingstone into a career in entertainment. At first, taking the stage name Kyko Aoyama, she was soon appearing in films such as director Shinya Yamamotos Molesters Subway and violent pink director Yasuharu Hasebes 1978 Nikkatsu Roman Porno, Raping! . She had a leading role in one of director Noboru Tanakas major Roman Porno films, Pink Salon Five Lewd Women , based on the erotic novel, Five Licentious Women aka Five Women Who Loved Love by Ihara Saikaku. She also appeared in the seventh episode of Nikkatsus Koichiro Uno series, director Akira Kats Koichiro Unos Moist And Steamy , and the following year she worked under director Nob

Source: Wikipedia